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  • We will save you time, money and stress. You've finally found your special someone. You've dreamed of your upcoming wedding day and you want it to be perfect. You deserve to enjoy your journey and create memories. You shouldn't have to worry about the details. That is where Rachael's Custom Events comes in. We understand the importance of your valuable time, your peace of mind, and your budget, when it comes to your day.
  • We will treat you like a person, not a number. When you choose Rachael's Custom Events, you get so much more than just a wedding planner. We love our clients. We like to create a relationship where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Our personalized custom service will provide whatever you need to make your event a huge success, your way.
  • We will be on your side. Let's face it, getting ready to get married can be an overwhelming experience. Remember that relationship we've created? Connecting with someone who is tuned in to current trends to share ideas with (other than your partner) can really help your peace of mind. Knowing exactly how to bring your ideas to life is our talent.
Rachael Johnson HS01

Rachael Johnson - Owner