Laughing Bride


Leading up to your big day, you want to know that everything is ready. With Rachael's Custom Events, EVERYTHING IS READY. You are on budget. Outside vendors are organized and prepared. Details are in place. Our team is there to handle everything. Your day will flow effortlessly.


From before your event begins until after the last guest leaves, our Team is on site to ensure your guest's enjoyment and your successful event. We will help you lay out a timeline that works for you and your vendors, make sure the scene is set, then watch everything to insure a smooth operation. Our vast experience in live production allows you to experience a trouble-free, stress-free celebration.


The stage is set. The lights are lit. Its SHOWTIME! You and your guests will experience the magic, beginning the second they arrive. Whether simple or complex, your event is personalized to your specifications and beautifully orchestrated to complete your vision. #DontWorryBeHappy, #WeGotThis